The methanol recovery unit (MRU) will provide clients with a way to recycle their methanol, drastically reducing their need for purchasing additional volumes of methanol. By recycling the methanol from their wastewater, the amount of waste being disposed downhole will be reduced which, in turn, decreases disposal trucking costs and trucking emissions.

In 2015, an oil and gas company used over 580,000 kg of methanol at a compressor station location. The MRU can recover a minimum of 90% of this methanol at a purity at least 90%; therefore, if this oil and gas company used a MRU, in 2015 they could have recycled over 520,000 kg of methanol and reduced the need to purchase new methanol by over 90%, reducing their chemical transport costs and emissions.

Since methanol is eliminated from the wastewater and no longer injected downhole, the chance of groundwater contamination is greatly reduced or eliminated. This wastewater (at 99% purity) now has the potential to be used for other jobs around the site, such as workovers, completions and water flood schemes, instead of using freshwater from natural sources.

By recovering and re-using methanol in the upstream petroleum sector we, as a society and industry, can further ensure we are taking action to preserve our environment from man-kind’s on-going reliance and consumption of hydrocarbon.