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Methanol Recovery Canada Ltd., trademarked Methanol Recovery Technologies (MRT), is the industry leader in the recovery process of methanol from waste water serving the upstream Oil and Gas Industry. We provide water management solutions that are beneficial to the environment and economical to the industry, and we consistently deliver quality products, services, and information to meet our clients’ methanol recovery expectations.

Since our establishment in 2006, we have provided our clients with our patented process for extracting methanol from produced water through condensation. We understand the issues associated with the use of methanol, including the rising costs, contamination of natural gas liquids, plant equipment damage, higher disposal fees, increased trucking costs, regulatory changes, and the continuing pressure from the public surrounding the issues of groundwater and protocols for recycling and reusing these products. However, while these issues continue to bring forth changes, our team has been recognized for the innovative solutions we provide our clients. We alleviate the waste of methanol and provide cost savings to gas plant operations. As such, we provide efficient, cost effective remedies to eliminate recurring industry challenges while meeting and surpassing environmental issues and regulations and providing quality service in an operator friendly manner and practical solutions for remote areas.

MRT works in collaboration with our clients and their management teams to ensure that our methanol recovery unit supports your business decision to recover methanol and effectively manage your methanol practices.