Pre-Treatment Success

We have had great success in our water treatment plant. We have developed a chemical process where we precipitate hardness out of the produced water. In the past, the hardness of the water with respect to Calcium & Magnesium lowered our recovery rates of Methanol from our Methanol Recovery Unit (MRU). Using this new pretreatment process has provided us with a high quality water for our MRU. This process has tremendously increased our recovery rates & the efficiency of our methanol recovery improved as well, providing us the ability to produce 7200 litres of Methanol per day.

New Name, Same Mission

Over the last several years, the ownership and management team of MRCan Services have worked hard to bring you innovative solutions that make a bottom-line difference for your business.

We recently changed our name to Methanol Recovery Technologies, to more accurately reflect the position of the company in the upstream oil & gas industry. A change that more clearly expresses what we’re all about and the value we offer our customers.

With the same ownership group, the same one-of-a-kind technology and the same passion to grow with our customers, we look forward to serving your needs as Methanol Recovery Technologies.
If you have any questions about our company or technology, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 403-462-2878.